Panel Papers and Powerpoints

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19 Feb Friday, 3:45, presentation from "Last Bastions: The Promise and Problems of the Digital University" on "The Landscape of Digital Higher Education: Regional Advantage and Ten Trends in the Terrain" at

19 Feb Friday, presentation from Barry Joseph and Amira Fouad of Global Kids along with Cathy Arreguin, Beth Wellman, and Kelly Czarnecki on "Breaking Boundaries with Virtual Worlds in a Science Classroom and a Teen Jail: Two Case Studies."

19 Feb Friday, Rik Panganiban of Global Kids, co-presented with Common Sense Media and Harvard's Good Play Project "Meeting of Minds: Cross-Generational Dialogue on the Ethics of Digital Life."

19 Feb Friday, Barry Joseph of Global Kids, co-presented with Project New Media Literacy "Mad Skills: Making New Media Literacy practices accessible to educators and students alike."

20 Feb Saturday, 8 am, presentation on 'Whose fire is it anyway? Digital Media and Learning: diversifying participation in the Singapore context'
audio sync-ed with the presentation slides as a podcast episode, 16 MB download, from [].

20 Feb Saturday, 9:45, Mangle of Play prezi is up:

20 Feb Saturday 11:30 AM, presentation from "Queer You(th)Tube" called "I've Been Meaning to Make This Video for a Long Time Now" at

Videos for the DML Conference are now on the website: See also:
Opening Keynote, February 18th:

State of the Field Plenary, February 19th:

Closing Keynote, February 20th:

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